Publish Figma visuals with dynamic updates - Publish Figma designs to image url with dynamic updates | Product Hunt

Quick Start

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Step #1
Frame your selection if you just need to publish specific selection


Anyone with the Link
can view
Copy Link
Link to selection
Step #2
Make sure anyone with the link can view before you copy link
Step #3
Replace '' with '' in Figma share links

Advance Usage

Taking it a step further

Change Format

URL &format= png

Supports (default: png)

Change Scale

URL &scale= 2

Supports (default: 2)

0.01 to 4

Use Case

Ready for any scenario

🖞Open Graph Image
🗂Media Kit
📝Blog Images
âŒĻïļLive Development Previews
🖌Partial Design Sharing
âœĻAnd More...